Imagine being able to reach any goal, achieve any dream or manifest any desire at the push of a button!

Many in the self improvement field are living in the dark ages when it comes to manifestation techniques. If you're not achieving your goals easily it's probably because you're using old school methods.

21st Century technology to achieve your goals easily!
  • Works 100% of the time
  • Isochronic entrainment technology
  • Embedded subconscious commands
  • Laser target your subconscious mind
  • Customized exclusively for you

custom subliminal recordings
Unlock your subconscious mind power!

Your subconscious mind has unlimited power. Everything you now have in life, including your possessions, relationships, money, health & happiness were attracted to you by your subconscious programs.

Unfortunately most people have negative programs stored in their powerful subconscious mind that attract the very things they do not want to them. Many people have tried self hypnosis, visualization, the law of attraction and generic subliminal recordings but only achieved weak results.

Imagine being able to access the power of your subconscious mind to create your desires effortlessly. No more generic statements designed to effect the greatest amount of people. Now you can have laser targeted commands that force your subconscious mind to give you what you want!

"...nothing I did worked. Not matter what I tried it failed. I'd almost given up. Then I ordered your custom recording and BAM! for the first time in my life what I was doing actually started to work."
Jose Fernandes. Florida.

listen with or without headphones
Super Charged Digital Recordings

Your 3 personalized subliminal audios are recorded using state of the art equipment and embedded with the latest brain entrainment technology masked by the relaxing sounds of ocean waves, music and "the deep hum".

Isochronic tones, 100s of times more powerful than binaural beats, alter your brainwaves allowing our unique subliminal technology to drive the subliminal commands deep into your unconscious for fast, permanent and striking change.

In fact unlike binaural beats which require headphone listening to work, isochronic tones are so powerful that they can change your brainwave state even when you listen to them at a distance through ordinary speakers or a phone.

Combined with our state-of-the-art embedded subliminal commands this brain entrainment technology literally forces your subconscious mind to attract or create your desires.

"I loved that I received 3 separate audios with my order. I'm not sure which one worked cuz I listened to all 3, I just know they worked."
Jacqueline McGraw. Utah.

Personalized messages command YOUR subconscious mind to manifest your dreams!

Subliminals made for the mass market have a limited effect because everyone is different. A post-subliminal suggestion may change the life of one person yet have zero effect on another. Why is this?

We all live different lives. We all have different perspectives on life, different values, morals, beliefs, aspirations and desires. How could a mass produced product fit everyone's needs? When you buy a coat you don;t get the same one your neighbor bought as it probably wouldn't fit you or be to your taste. Self improvement is the same.

We combat the age old problem of limited, or no, results from using proven technologies by tailoring the suggestions in each audio specifically to you, your needs and your goals.

Your custom made subliminal audio is created exclusively for you from start to finish. The average turn around time for creating these powerful recordings is 1 week - because we commit time to a 2 way dialogue with you to ensure your subliminal commands are 100% targeted to create the outcome your desire.

You Get:
  • Laser focused commands targeted to your goals
  • Your name digitally embedded & repeated hundreds of times
  • Words & statements used that have meaning for you
  • 3 separate audios each powerful enough to create your goals

unlock your subconscious mind power
You get 3 separate audio recordings

You don't get just 1 recording. We realize that not everyone has the same taste or likes the same sounds. So we include 3 separate files with every order.

We are so dedicated to your success that we don't take the chance of your subconscious mind rebelling against the sounds and causing resistance in you (so you stop listening) that we create 3 different audio types.

Each recording includes all your personalized super charged subliminal commands embedded within a different audio theme.

Each order includes:

  • Relaxing Music Customized Subliminal Audio
  • Ocean Scene Customized Subliminal Audio
  • The Deep Hum Customized Subliminal Audio

Sample of our recordings.

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quotes See what our customers are saying
  • "Thank you so much. You helped save my marriage. I can never repay you."
    Joan Larkin, Arkansas.
  • "... after trying everything I thought I might as well try this. At first I thought it was just co-incidence when the suggestions starting coming true!"
    J. Kolosov. Maryland.
  • "I'm starting to think that anything is possible. This will be my third order from you."
    M. Garcia. New York.
  • "The way you structured the statements made me feel that you really connected with me and what I wanted."
    Ivy Williams, Australia.
  • "I was sceptical but the results I got cured me of that."
    James Tweed, U.K.